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Berry Pizzazz - blueberries, strawberries, bananas, raspberries & apple juice


Sunrise Berry - raspberry, strawberries, mangos & apple juice $5.99
Pineapple Passion - pineapple, mango, bananas & apple juice $5.99
CinaBan - cinnamon, bananas & low-fat milk $5.99
Peanut Butter Bomb - peanut butter, cinnamon, bananas & low-fat milk $5.99
Acai - acai berries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas & apple juice $7.99
56th Street Acai bowl - acai berries, fresh fruit, honey & granola $10.99

We proudly feature Boar's Head meats and cheeses. Served with your choice of classic shredded carrots, green salad, soup, pasta salad or Have’a Chips. All sandwiches come with avocado, mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & alfalfa sprouts




NBAC Original - with your choice of:
    Bread - white, whole grain wheat, squaw or sourdough
    Protein - tuna, turkey, roasted chicken, roast beef, soy turkey or bacon
    Cheese - Monterey jack, pepper jack, white cheddar or Swiss cheese
NBAC Combo Special - ½ sandwich with choice of classic shredded carrots, green salad, soup, pasta salad, or Have’a Chips $8.95
JB’s Grilled Cheese “The Founder’s Favorite” - sourdough, pepper jack cheese, tomato, sweet Maui onion & avocado $7.95

Served with your choice of classic shredded carrots, green salad, soup, pasta salad or Have’a Chips.



San Miguel Veggie - fresh salsa, avocado, black beans, corn, cilantro, cheese, mixed greens, kale, cabbage, spinach tortilla $8.95
Balboa Portobello - roasted turkey, Portobello mushrooms, steamed spinach, cheese, basil-red pepper aioli and whole wheat tortilla $10.95
NBAC Chicken Club - roasted chicken, bacon, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, avocado, spinach tortilla $10.95
Wild Fresh Ahi Tuna - seared ahi, peppers, hard boiled egg, crispy noodles, garden vegetable spinach tortilla $12.95
Spicy Santa Fe Chicken - roasted chicken, chipotle mayo, black beans, corn, cilantro, red onions, sun dried tomato tortilla $9.50
    Served with your choice of classic shredded carrots, green salad, soup, pasta salad or Have’a Chips  


Offshore Cubano - turkey, low sodium ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, Dijon mustard, light mayo on ciabatta bread $10.95
Portobello Spicy Veggie - carrots, spinach, Portobello mushrooms, basil spread, tomatoes, Swiss cheese on squaw bread $9.95
Chicken Caprese - roasted chicken, basil, tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, balsamic, extra virgin olive oil on French baguette $10.95
Pavilion Roast Beef - roast beef, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, fresh tomatoes, Dijion mustardon cibatta bread $11.95

Peruvian Classic Ceviche - wild fresh ahi tuna and shrimp, lime marinate, fresh cilantro, red onions, served with a side of sweet potatoes and corn (ask for mild, medium or spicy)


NBAC Classic Salad - avocado, tuna, mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, sprouts, mushrooms, cheese and sunflower seeds $10.95
China Cove Chopped Chicken - mixed Napa cabbage, roasted almonds, chestnuts, Mandarin oranges, cilantro, red peppers, crispy noodles, tossed in a light Oriental vinaigrette $10.95
Quinoa and Baby Kale - with a cilantro vinaigrette, topped with Mandarin oranges, sunflower seeds and red bell pepper confetti $10.95
Martin’s Spinach Chopped - spinach, smoked bacon, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, hardboiled egg and ranch dressing $9.95
Wild Fresh Ahi and Mango Salad - mixed greens, tomatoes, red bell peppers, cilantro, rice noodles, black-n-white sesame seeds and citrus Asian vinaigrette $13.95
Classic Caesar - romaine lettuce, anchovies, homemade croutons, shaved parmesan cheese and The Chef’s Caesar dressing $8.95
Studio 4 Special - scoop of tuna, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado and chips $8.95
    Boar's Head Oven Roasted Turkey $11.99lb
Boar's Head EverRoast Chicken $11.99lb
Boar's Head London Broil Roast Beef $11.99lb
3 Care Macrocare Whey Protein - 2.3lbs, high potency, low glycemic, protein powder $44.99
    Mediterranean Pasta Salad $1.95
  Fresh Fruit Small $2.95 Large $4.95
  Classic Shredded Carrots $1.95
  Small Salad $4.95
  Avocado $1.95
  Bacon $2,50
  Tuna Scoop $4.95
  Have'a Chips Side $1.95 Bag $3.50
  Soup of the Day Small $2.75 Large $3.95
    Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich - avocado, eggs, cheese, bacon with side of fruit. $8.50
  Breakfast Burrito - avocado, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon & salsa $8.50
  Tommy's Omelette - protein packed omelette with all the fixings and side of fruit $11.95
    NBAC Passion Fruit Iced Tea $2.50
  NBAC Arnold Palmer $2.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $1.50
Pellegrino $2.50
Snapple $2.50
Gatorade $2.50
  Acoua Panna Spring Water $1.95
  Coffee $1.75
  Please ask to see our extensive beer and wine list.
  Monday thru Friday
  9:00AM to 9:00PM
  9:00AM to 3:00PM

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